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New Team Member for Shady Rays Sunglasses

As an active photographer that on a regular basis shoots sports...tools that fit the situation are key. I shoot Ultimate Frisbee for the AUDL Jacksonville Cannons, and if there is a sport of extremes, this is it. Fast paced like basketball and played on a football field that action is nonstop.

When I am shooting I have two and sometimes three cameras along with long sports lenses and let me say wrangling all that and keeping my sensitive eyes shielded from the Florida sun is always a challenge.

In the 70s and 80s I lived in Ray Ban sunglasses, as my eyes are very light sensitive and I was in small plane often at a very young age. It's bright up there at 18,000 feet and those glasses were the ones to beat. Well those sunglasses came at a price, and even being responsible they would always end up with a scratch right in my line of sight. Frustrating to say the least.

Over the years flying, photographing, hiking the Grand Canyon, and cycling I would run the gamut of sunglasses brands. Every familiar brand you know, I have probably owned it, and the money spend was insane. Eventually I ended up in recent years switching to cheap garbage sunglasses out of frustration of loss and damage of my expensive ones.

The problem with cheap sunglasses is...well, everything. They scratch, break on their own, don't really shield your eyes, and in fact might even harm them due to the inferior materials and lack of polarization.

I have searched for a solution and I have found it. The perfect balance of style, quality, and price backed by the world's best guarantee. Always Free Replacement when Lost or Broken. Yes, you read that right. These sunglasses have HD polarized and ultra-thin lenses for extreme visibility all while being shatterproof. The extreme sunglasses for the extreme lifestyle and built for those who like to live hard!

Seeing is believing and you can get them right here. Even more you can get 25% OFF a pair of Shady Rays sunglasses with the code below. Here are some of the designs. There is bound to be a pair that suits your needs. Check them out and a word on the discount code...you enter it near the end of the checkout, so just look forward right before you place the order.

Discount Code: VALERIE

I am not paid for this. Nor did I get mine for free, but I did get to use the code as well and so can you. Grab some of these sunglasses yourself and join the team of happy eyes!


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