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New Projects on the Desk

A first of what I hope are to be many updates to my list of projects being worked on for 2017 will be revealed here on the blog.

I am intending to self publish a small book by the end of the year. This project I like to call Insight into the Past, is a fiction project that involves old photos and my own insight into the past therein. I will not be revealing details of this project until it nears publication as I am seeing this as a project that while itself is not unique, I hope my version will be something in a category all by itself.

My other project is a film project..not the video kind, the photographs on film kind. I have a number of vintage cameras and have begun to clean and prepare each of them to be used to photograph various things over the next month or so with the hopes of spawning perhaps a second book as well as art prints for sale. I will be shooting primarily in black and white and will be using a wide variety of film formats and cameras dating back to the early 1900s.

As you may or may not know I also started a YouTube Channel at the beginning of the year, and while it has not gotten off to as full of a start as I had hoped, I believe the momentum will build as the above two projects progress throughout the year. If you wish to check out the YouTube Channel please follow this link. And subscribe to be notified of new uploads.

Stay tuned, look around, and stop by the YouTube channel.

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